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with Rockstar U for Coaches - Beta 2.0
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We need YOU!  The world needs YOU!  
Founder Leisa Jenkins gives you the scoop below! Listen in! 
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Rockstar U for Coaches and Leaders
Core Insights BETA 2.0 Program
If you are looking for a program that covers everything you need to grow personally and launch a successful business serving others
and changing lives fearlessly,
This is what you've been searching for!  
Reserve Your Seat in the Beta 2.0 Program Today!
Do you feel like you have a gift to lead and serve others
but aren't sure how to make that happen?

We want to show you how to use your gifts to serve others!
We want to give you a POWERFUL start, build your confidence,
and give you a program that focuses on all areas you need
to Change Lives Fearlessly as a coach or leader! 

 Our program helps to DE-CLUTTER YOUR MIND: to gain clarity in your passion and purpose in serving others. We focus on DEVELOPING YOU - your skills, your strengths, your message, and your audience.
We give you the TOOLS for business & coaching.
And we help you TAKE ACTION FEARLESSLY when you are ready!

Peel Back the Layers
Learn to have your Mind Work For You rather than against you.
Clear out any negative messaging that might effect your coaching.
Eliminate Distractions forever and get rid of  the patterns that don't serve you.

Discover YOU 
Gain Clarity & Courage. 
Find Purpose, Passion, message, unlock your story. Create Your Vision. Align your Behaviors and Motivators with who you were created to be and Stay True to YOU while serving others!

Business Strategy & Action
Develop your program based on your strengths, your niche, business basics, coaching skills, coaching tools,

Take Action and Execute!
Who is Beta 2.0 for?
Individuals who feel like they have a fire burning inside of them to serve others through coaching and leadership. They feel like they are meant for more but might not be sure what that looks like or how to go about it.
This is for people who have that natural ability to impact people and want to take it to the next level but want to learn the best tools and methods to help others.
This is for people who are leaders in business or the community, people who want to learn the skills and process of coaching, or coaches who are spinning their wheels and want to learn effective strategies, tools, and practices to impact and serve their clients powerfully!
This is for high learners who are energetic, passionate, respectful, people-oriented, results-focused people with compassion, empathy. They want to use their gifts and learn the skills to make a greater impact.
This is for people who understand that it all begins with their own mindset! As you de-clutter your mind, discover your strengths, and clarify your purpose, your ability to coach and serve others grows exponentially! This process is necessary to serve others 100%!!
If those statements describe you, then YOU are perfect for Beta 2.0!
Reserve your 14-day trial and lock in your Promotional BETA 2.0 Pricing.

We want to make sure this program is a fit for you. We want to take the worry out of knowing if this program is right for you.  You will get to experience it first hand!   
Say YES and RESERVE your seat TODAY! If you still have questions, keep reading!! 
During your 14-day Trial, you will get to check out the  members' area, join the community, ATTEND THE POWERFUL ENERGIZE U call, and much more!!   
Can you believe this . . . there is more!  
You will have access to bonus content, tools, personal growth, business strategy and execution, and weekly Core Insights Group Coaching Sessions. This is a 6-month commitment and right now is HALF-PRICE during the beta period. Enrollment closes 8/25! If this is for you, don’t wait.
This will be the last time this program is offered at a beta level.

We Have Bonuses for YOU!!
THIS INCREDIBLE program will equip you to be the ROckstar Coach You were created to be.  
Check out YOUR BONUSES Below!!
Rockstar U Bonus Package!!!
Energize U Workshop!
Fast track your Rockstar U for Coaches Program! Attend one of our weekly, high-energy, 90-minute workshops designed to guide you through the first steps of DISCOVERING your passion and purpose for coaching! ($197 Value)
The Perfect Discovery Session Planner and Mini Course
No guesswork required with the Perfect Discovery Session Planner and Mini Course! Gain clarity on your goal for each Discovery Session, learn the questions to ask, and how to move the conversation from Discovery to New Client. ($97 Value)
Set Your Year on Fire - 90 Days to Done Workshop
You will receive a ticket to the next "Set Your Year on Fire Workshop" - Our 90-Day Game Plan Action Workshop. The perfect way to Take Action towards your vision. ($197 Value)
Energy and Boundaries Mini-Course
Avoid one of the biggest mistakes made by new coaches: not setting limits or boundaries. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and protect your energy so you can serve others at the highest level. This 2-part mini course walks you through practical steps to establish a business framework that supports your boundaries and protects your energy. ($97 Value)
Before You Go Social Workshop
Does social media marketing work or is it a big time suck? The answer depends on what you do Before You Go Social! This Workshop and Checklist focuses on the often-skipped but necessary groundwork to increase the ROI on your social strategy. Whether you're using paid or free marketing methods, you will maximize your results by using the Before You Go Social Strategy.  ($197 Value)
Bonus Package Total Value = $1797 
Here's how it works...
Reserve your 14-day Free trial NOW and on August 22nd you will receive an email with instructions to activate your trial. Once your trial is activated, you will receive your login information and details about your first call with Rockstar U Founder Leisa Jenkins and Coach Jeanne Hamra to get you off to a POWERFUL start!  After your 14-day trial period, the Beta Program investment is $250/month. You will have weekly Core Insights Group Coaching calls and have access to the Rockstar U bonuses, tools, content, calls, and much more.
BETA 2.0 is over 50% off of the regular price!
Enrollment Closes 9/5.   Register TODAY!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
I joined this program to become a coach and help others realize their own potential. What I have learned along the way is how to retrain my own brain pattern to create lasting changes in myself and the people I am impacting. This is not just a temporary fix. The beta program has been a Godsend for me personally and professionally. When I was exploring the idea of professional coaching, I had no idea where to start and I did not have thousands of dollars to invest. I found this Beta program for a much more affordable price. I found my home with Rockstar U. This is a world-class training for real-world people. I am ready to make a difference and am confident in my ability to live the life I was created to live. I have learned that I don’t have to ask anyone's permission to grab my dreams and run with them.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Winters 
                                                                                                                                                                                    Financial Life Coach

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're getting...
  • ​Life Coaching
  • ​Coaches' Tool Kit
  • ​Videos & Worksheets 
  • ​Facebook Community 
  • ​Support 
  • ​Rockstar Rewards 
  • ​Live Q & A Sessions
  • ​Case Studies
  • ​Accountability 
  • ​Assessments 
  • ​Bonuses 
  • Workshops and more!
This program will be released in a few months for over $500/month!
Today you get to try it for FREE and lock in your Beta 2.0 promotional pricing!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

See what others are saying
about Rockstar U for Coaches!

So, what happens after 14 days?
You will automatically renew at the Beta 2.0 promotional price of $250/month.  If you do not want to renew, send us an email at
Is there a guarantee?
No, we are giving you this 14-day trial as a way for you to test the program.   If you decide to continue with your training program, your success depends on you.  We are giving you proven, time-tested tools to get results.  
What’s expected of me in the BETA program?
-Attend LIVE Group Coaching Sessions
-Participate Fully in the Program
-Offer Your Constructive Feedback
-Engage in the Community
-Dedicate Approx 2 hours/week  
-Share Your Genius with the World
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Have Questions? No problem!
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions Below!
Do I still get the bonuses if I decide this program is not for me? 
Yes, when you leave the program, send us an email requesting the bonuses as they become available. Members have access through the membership area. 
Is there an Affiliate Program? 
YES! The Affiliate Program will be released VERY SOON! To receive all of the details email us
What if I am not sure about being a coach and want to take this program to see if I have the skills? 
This is one of the reasons we created ROCKSTAR U for Coaches! We want you to explore the opportunities without a huge upfront investment. 
Can I get recommendations from this program for future clients? 
Students who complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion. 
When can I start coaching my first client? 
When you feel ready and comfortable. We will help guide you and provide you tools, but the decision is yours.
Do you offer certification? 
Students who successfully complete the Rockstar U for Coaches Program will get a Certificate of Completion. Life coaching certifications are not legally regulated. We have been told by past coaches that this program is more in-depth and complete than other programs they have taken. 
What if I can't finish the program? 
No problem. the investment is month to month, however, we would like you to commit to 6 months so you get the full effects of the program.  If you do not finish the program you will not get a certificate of completion. 
Can I join the team? 
That depends on a lot of factors. When you complete the program and earn your Certificate of Completion, we will provide you more information on growth opportunities with Rockstar U.
Will there be a test? 
Yes, there will be opportunities to test your knowledge and understanding along the way.

What time is the Beta 2.0 Core Insight Group Coaching?
Once you activate the 14-day trial, you will receive a schedule with options along with an assessment to place you in a group. 
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